Achievement Unlocked!

What’s this? Achievement unlocked? What does that mean?

Well, I’m a keen gamer. So I thought it might be fun to create some ‘achievements’ or easter eggy type things and earn myself gamerscore points for them. We’ll see what score I get at the end.

Xbox players will understand. 😉


America Cycle Trip! (1000)

Are you actually going through with this? (50)
Touchdown in America.

Oh my God, he’s actually going through with this. (50)
Travel 1000miles.

Well I admire your spirit. (50)
Travel 2000 miles.

Wait, he’s not dead yet? (50)
Travel 3000 miles

Well I’ll be damned. (50)
Arrive in Seattle.

BFFs. (15)
Meet a friend.

Love of the wilderness. (10)
Slept in a tent for 7 consecutive nights.

Is there a problem officer? (15)
Get taken to a police jail cell…

Hands up where I can see them! (15)
Have a gun pointed at my face.

Oh how nice. People. (10)
Get taken in by strangers.

Once a fan, always a fan. (10)
Watch my Liverpool play somewhere, somehow.

You mean America isn’t in Europe? (10)
Watch an England European Championship game

Me, hungy. (5)
Go an entire day without eating.

Another me!!!! (15)
Meet another cycle tourist

My legs feel huge. (15)
Cycle 100 miles in a day

Freeloading. (30)
Be given amenities for free because I’m a cycle tourist.

Um, Ow? (30)
Get hit by a car.



More pending…