Day 3/4

Day 3 was a disaster. So let’s start there…

It was very hot. At one stage, my phone was telling me it was 34 degrees. At the time I was along a highway into a blistering headwind that went on for 15 miles. It was the most uncomfortable I’ve felt on this journey so far…. I barely covered any ground at all and it was so tough to really get anything going. I think I only did about 35 miles.

Then it got to the night time and I couldn’t find anywhere decent to camp. Or a motel. Nothing. So after about an hour of looking I gave up and camped at the side of the road. There was a little ravine, hidden by a bush fence… thing so I was at least somewhat hidden from the road. I thought “F… it I’m going here, I’m fed up” About 3 hours later I was woken by one of those Florida storms. It utterly hammered it down and within 10 minutes the ravine had flooded. I thought it was amusing that my tent felt like a water bed as water was accumulating underneath it, but I soon realised I had to leave when it started trickling in. So at 3am, I had little choice but to carry on trucking onwards.

Which is a decent plus point I suppose. The sun hasn’t hit quite so hard today so I’ve been able to cover a lot of ground. It’s 5PMish and I’ve been able to cover about 75km. I’m obviously enjoying riding later in the evening because it’s cooler so I recon 100km today should well on.

Physically I’m fine. My legs are fine, I’m not sore. But these conditions are so tough. They are so tough that I’m seriously concerned that I’m endangering my health by being outside for so long every day. I’ve upgraded to factor 70 sunscreen and have bought some very expensive after sun, but they haven’t helped really and my arms are now absolutely covered in blisters. I’ve also misplaced my cycling gloves and my hands are beginning to burn now as well.

One of my friends told me that the 1st 2 weeks is utter hell and then your body seems to get used to it all and i hope that’s the case. I need to adapt to the sun and I need my body to heal and stay healed or Seattle is not going to happen. I’m enjoying the riding, I just wish it were comfortable. I guess i should have left a month or 2 sooner.


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