Day 2 and start of day 3

I’m going to be honest. I knew Florida would be hot which is why I wanted to come before it got REALLY hot. But I am struggling in the conditions even for now. Not in a way that suggests it’s unbearable or inhospitable, but because I can’t stay out in the sun for 5/6 hours, so I can’t cover the distance I’d like to.

We’re closer to the equator so although I feel comfortable in the heat, the sun hits so much harder. As reference I was riding down a 10 mile or so stretch just past Jupiter beach and there was no shade cover at all. I was in the sun constantly for the 10 miles or so. I had factor 50 sunscreen on the sun has gone straight through. By the end it felt as if my left leg had some burning metal left stuck to it and this morning all the skin on my leg is incredibly tight and singed. So although I have sunscreen now, it’s still not really good enough when you’re out in the sun for extended periods. Or for little old white me, anyway. (I was seeing plenty of people walking around barefoot)

I covered 80km yesterday. I would have liked to do more, but I was really struggling through 2PM to 5PM with the conditions. It’s going to be hotter today (about 32c) so we’ll just see where we get to. I found a nice spot to camp just south of Port St Lucie which had a pond and picnic tables. It was nice. Currently watching Liverpool capitulate against Newcastle in the premier league over the some breakfast and I’ll be off on my way again soon.



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