Day 1.

Right. Ok. Where to start? Well, I’m in a motel again. I really don’t want to make this a regular habit as even budget hotels are in no way cost effective on a daily basis. I’ve made it to Palm Springs. Day 1 totaled almost 45 miles. I’ve essentially made it to the next city and there’s just nowhere to effectively stealth camp in a city. So my arm was turned and I’m back in a motel. However, with the first day over and done with, I do relish a shower if nothing else…

So, this morning as I was putting the final touches on to my bike, a guy called Chris asked me what I was up to. After I had explained, he offered to sell me his saddle bag. I felt really dodgy over not having enough space anyway so I duly accepted before going on my way. I left at about noon. It was hot. 28 degrees Celsius to be exact and was lovely. But I rushed out of the airport pretty quickly last night and didn’t buy myself anything like sun lotion, nor do I know American shops enough to know who sells it. (Didn’t see even 1 Walmart today!) Well, I’m as burnt as…. I’m riding with my sleeves down now but my wrists are still unprotected and since it’ll be like this all week, I’m a bit concerned about this going forward. I have sun cream now… But the damage has already been done really. They’re actually in quite a lot of pain. I’m hoping that continuous sun exposure isn’t going to make it any worse. I hope it adapts and ploughs through. So with amateur mistake number 1 out of the way. Let’s love on to amateur mistake number 2.

I also left my passport on the desk of the motel. Thankfully, I realised about 13 miles down and I could have it driven up to me. The manager of the motel was happy to drive it to me for which words can’t describe how grateful I am. So I had a nice rest stop in a hotel bar to examine my burns.

Fort Lauderdale by the way is stunning. Not terribly keen on Palm springs so far. I have already been offered drugs here. But Fort Lauderdale really was a stunning place to ride through. So pretty. And the more rural areas beyond it seemed to be mostly mansions and fancy houses with walls and gates and top of the grade apartment blocks. I remember reading that Florida is where everyone comes to retire and it certainly looks it.

Not one person has commented on my accent or even me being British. Must be a multicultural state.


Pre day 2.

I had the strangest dream. I dreamt that I woke up back home. I have never had a dream feel more real. In this dream I had apparently left the motel, called a cab to the airport, flown home, managed to get home all whilst still being asleep, before then waking up in my own bed. I was utterly convinced! And then was even more confused when I actually woke up back in the motel.

It’s the morning now and my arms are burning. I’ve never had sunburn this bad and I got it during the 1st 10 miles or so. It’s an overcast day so I hopefully I won’t make this any worse today at least. My legs and my arse however are fine. And since I’m leaving 2 and a half hours earlier than yesterday and hopefully won’t get waylaid a further 2 hours or so for forgetting something important, I’ll have a lot more cycling time today. Port St Lucie is about the same distance away that I just covered so I’ll try to work up to Fort Pierce or Vero Beach today. Vero Beach is 116km away. About 70 miles. I recon I’ll have the time but whether I can handle that distance so early on into the trip remains to be seen.

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