And We’re ‘Almost’ Ready To Go…

I have all my equipment, I’ve loaded it all up and I’ve gone for a little ride around the block. It feels… ok.

Both panniers are about 7kg which brings the weight to about 14/15kg in total and I have a little trunk bag with utensils and things in. So I have maybe 16kg or so all loaded to the back of the bike and you can certainly feel it. It feels fine to ride, but i just worry about wheely-ing when riding up sharp hills! Or it flipping up altogether… It’ll take some getting used to that’s for sure and I do worry about how the frame will take the weight sitting at the back over this sort of distance. But I usually have a habit of worrying over very little so It’s probably fine. It’s well within the weight guidelines for the rack, and i guess the bike wouldn’t have rack mounts if it couldn’t handle the weight of a rack that can be used on any type of bike.

I thought I was packing light. And perhaps i could better utilise the space in the panniers but I hoped that I would have some extra room to cater for more food or water if i needed to. But I’m actually struggling to get them closed.

I have a rucksack, which sits in the pannier with all my important things and electricals which will come with me whenever I’m not sitting in the saddle. Perhaps there’s a lot of ’empty’ space in there that I can fit food and drink for rides where civilisation will be sparse.

I’m more worried about how the bike will handle all the weight sitting on the back of the bike for the duration of the trip than I am about the actual magnitude of the trip itself. Either that is sheer naivety or my head is sitting in the perfect place for what I’m doing. I could always go and buy a front rack and panniers, but then I’ll have SO much room it doesn’t seem worth it.

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