Travel Insurance

Last time I went to America, I didn’t bother with travel insurance. It cost a little bit, and I guess I’m one of those optimistic naive realists that assumes that “none of this bad stuff would ever happen to me.” It didn’t… The baggage people at all of the 3 airports didn’t lose my things, none of my planes crashed, I didn’t get shot by a crazed citizen… I was fine and I saved about £100 off the total of my trip.

But I only went for a week… This time, I don’t like the idea of a 4000 mile cycle into the relative unknown without medical or theft cover at least. That would seem daft. Even for me to not really contemplate because an accident would seem inevitable… So for £125, I have up to £10mill worth of medical cover should an RV come and run me over and up to £1000 of theft cover, which isn’t really much, but apart from my bike and my laptop, i won’t have anything particularly valuable anyway. Although I am debating purchasing a ‘GoPro’ for this…

Hopefully I won’t need either or any of the other benefits. To be honest I don’t really know how travel insurance works….

Oh yes, I am so money supermarket…

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